Direct Sales Computer Training

Make More $$$

Computer Training by Daphne Lee of Coaching Computers


Achieve True Financial Independence:
Own and Manage Your Own Client Data

Classes and Hands-On Training in Dallas, TX

 Manage Your Own Client Data:
Leads, Mailing Lists, Products Sold, Contact Reminders, etc.
Once you build your client base
(and have instant access to it on your own computer) –
YOU can sell more, own your client base and go anywhere!

 Daphne Makes Computer Tech Manageable for Direct Sales Professionals.
Training and Classes include Excel, Outlook, iPads, iPhones, Access, PCs, MACs and more.

Daphne Lee has helped small businesses and direct sales professionals grow with personalized technology coaching since 2006.

She successfully (and painlessly!) trains individuals in managing their own records and data. Computer operating systems (PC and MAC), essential business software applications and the newest tech gadgets are easy to manage with Daphne’s training!

Daphne Lee works with those in direct sales, corporate staff, under-employed professionals, seniors – and anyone wishing to learn how to make more $ through better managing technology tools.

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Direct Sales Computer Trainer